Tal Waissman, born in 1970, is an Israeli artist, living in Tel-Aviv.

Tal started painting at a very early age; according to her, drawing and crafts, in general, occupied most of her spare time, marking the beginning of her artistic and aesthetically oriented life.

After years of learning and creating, mainly drawing, Tal has decided to “come to light” and introduce her drawings and herself as a painter. She also started marketing her art in various galleries and on-line shops.

The extensive engaging in art during those years has produced swift outcomes: an increasing self-confidence in coming out with her art and making a living out of it.

Tal graduated The Department of Graphic Design in The NB Haifa School of Design, as well as plastic arts and art education in Beit Berl College. In recent years, she has been an autodidact and taught herself to paint by practicing, trial and error, exploration and research.

Tal draws in an abstract style, geometric abstract and with a reference to Pop Art. She uses various technics: acrylic, collage, felt-tipped pen and pencils on different materials, such as canvas, wood, paper and cartons, many collected on the street and becoming works of art.

Her inspiration comes from real as well as invented landscapes, from her internal, spiritual world and, obviously, from the surrounding digital world of networks and internet, along with art, interior design, architecture, fashion etc.

Her style reveals vivid and rich colorfulness and a unique mix of shades, defining her art and style.

As a child

I remember sitting at my desk in my room, making artDraws, cuts and pastes, sews, embroideries and more and more. My dad had a printing house that provided me with many art supplies, mostly paper of all shapes, so I could go wild. Several years later, after I had already learned some painting and craft, I returned to the printing house and exhibited my paintings along the corridors of the printing house, I was so proud and so was dad.
I would collect inspirational materials, pieces of fabric everywhere, from which I would sew small clothes, magazines and books (with pictures), from which I would make collages.
Beads, napkins, candy wrappers and more – I found inspiration in everything and I sorted it all by colors or patterns and looked for new color shades.
The pursuit of material and color, aesthetics and design in all forms have been a part of my life ever since.
However, many more years of creation, study and life have passed before I became an artist and could call myself a painter.
It is pleasant to think that it had all started in my childhood and persisted throughout the years – the desire to learn and create art.