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Winter is already here. The sky is growing dark. Rain is falling more often. The pandemic is still spreading and there is a growing tendency among people to stay indoors. However, there is no reason to succumb to melancholy – when joy is bursting from every wall there is no need to leave home!

This is the time to bring into the house an original Israeli and abstract work of art by the artist Tal Weissman. It is time to decorate the walls with color and delight!

when it rains outside, it's time to bring the colors in

Abstract painting was born at the beginning of the 20th century as a challenge, to defy the realistic and technical style, with the purpose of highlighting personal and emotional interpretation over common sense, reason and empirical reality. The realms of industrial design, architecture, fashion and internet influence Tal’s abstract paintings. They are full of shape and color, rich in meticulous and precise details, somewhat surreal and very cheerful and uplifting. A multisensory experience, bursting with happiness and joy is created by using a harmony of color and shape. Tal’s modern and abstract paintings will bring to life every room in the house, in the living room and in the bedroom.

November sale: abstract paintings, original and enchanting for the office and workplace, and a selection of abstract paintings for the house, in surprising prices.