The Houses Series

I started drawing houses after drawing triangles. I drew triangles out of my long-lasting love for technical drawing, during my drawing classes in high school and later in my graphic studies – drawing fonts, which had been before the computers!
Sometimes architecture thrills me more than anything else does: from the modest Kibbutzim houses to the skyscrapers in New York. They all have their unique appeal and a different effect on the observer. A number of factors effect houses: the visible element, size, height, materials and textures, old and new, etc.
Then, the spiritual facet, nostalgia: memories emerging at the sight of a certain house or a structure, feelings and fantasies.
The settings of a house also has its influence, as well as the sun and its reflections and shades on a house – how is it standing out or different from its environment, etc.
My affection for houses has made me draw them repeatedly, until I created this series presented here, to introduce to the public and for sale.
I would love to receive your contemplations, comments and queries.

טל ויסמן סדרת הבתים 10
טל ויסמן סדרת הבתים 09