The Urns Series

The Urns Series comes after the Houses series, possibly as an attempt to cut corners, to soften the drawing, a sort of a drill for myself.

The urns, I have later discovered, allowed me to tell stories, they could be contained. They let me toy with colors and shapes, and make everything round!

Wandering around Pinterest and Instagram, I have performed a small research about urns in Greece and in the ancient world and the modern urns of designers and artists today.

I have discovered that artists express on urns the everyday life around them; the simple deeds, the wars, the beliefs and the fears; the urn contains it all.

I started to tell stories of urns, at the beginning with my graphic style and gradually other stories arrived, inside and outside the urns.

I toyed with symbols, textures and even houses (why not?), even flowers were revealed.

The drill succeeded, to some extent I left my personal style in order to tell a different story, rounder and softer.